Run 21 or 10 Kilometers




Registration must be exclusively made via email by completing the form (See Below).

We recommend paying special attention to the steps outlined to guarantee your registration and place in the race.

Spaces are limited.  Advance registration is recommended.

For the registration of children under 18 years old contact the organization (Contact »).

In order to make registration effective, payment must be made within a period not exceeding 4 running days after the completion of the form. After this period, registration will be cancelled.

Once registration payment has been performed, the organization will send you a final confirmation e-mail of your registration and ensured place in the marathon. If you do not receive this in time please check your spam folder.

Enquiries or requests, please contact or 02944 – 15635842.


Ages will be determined considering this birthday date: 10/Dec/2011.

21 km Damas y Caballeros desde 18 a 29 años.

21 km Damas y Caballeros desde 30 a 39 años.

21 km Damas y Caballeros de 40 a 49 años.

21 km Damas y Caballeros de 50 a 59 años.

21 km Damas y Caballeros de 60 a 70 años.

21 km Damas y Caballeros de 70 años en adelante.

10 km Damas y Caballeros desde 18 hasta 29 años.

10 km Damas y Caballeros de 30 a 39 años.

10 km Damas y Caballeros desde 40 a 49 años.

10 km Damas y Caballeros de 50 a 59 años.

10 km Damas y Caballeros de 60 a 70 años.

Note: Children under 18 years old must indefectibly submit registration form with the signed authorization of a parent or legally responsible adult, this signature being certified by legal authority.




Official Schedule

Friday december 12th 2014:

Handing out of kits for runners: from 2:30pm to 7:30pm at  Llao Llao Hotel.

Besides this, the medical clearance, rules acceptance and risk consent forms will be signed, all of which are compulsory in order to take part in the race.

In this second edition and simultaneously with the handing out of kits, the Running Llao Llao Seminar will be held (see Schedule). It will take place between 5:00 and 7:00.

7:30 to 8:20 (pm) – Technical Talk about the Race, compulsory for runners.

This talk will be given by the Sports Director, who will describe the special characteristics of this race, provide last-minute news, rules and general recommendations.

Saturday December 13th 2014 – Llao Llao Hotel.

From 09:00 opening of Closed Park (P.C.).

Arrival and checking of timing chips.

Hydration centers, dressing rooms and lockers available at the P.C. as from this time.

From 10:20, warming up in the P.C. area.

11:00 am – Marathon start. All categories start simultaneously.

Timing stop –2:30 pm.

3 pm Qualification announcements.

8:00. Awards ceremony and raffles. Llao Lllao Hotel.

9:00. Toast, photo shoot and music.



Corredores Llao llao 21K

Corredores Llao llao 21K

Llao Llao 21K, athletic event in the half marathon mode 21K, and 10K tests, taking place entirely within the Llao Llao Municipal Park.

Starting and finishing points will be the Llao Llao Hotel, along the route towards Bahía Lopez, where the returns for 10K 21K modes will be placed.

The 21K route continues long the route, entirely on asphalt, until crossing Lopez stream, returning from the gravel detour towards Colonia Suiza, along the same route. The circuit has moderate slopes.

The race will be assisted by the organization, with 3 rehydration centers for the 21K and 2 for the 10K. External aid to runners will not be allowed.

Several checkpoints will be found along the route, monitoring different sporting, environmental, health and safety factors.  Security and support vehicles will be offered.

Llao lao 21K - Mapa de recorrido

Llao lao 21K – Mapa de recorrido

The event has several special moments, both before and after the race, providing chances for the enjoyment of the surrounding environment and with the unique experience of having the Llao Llao hotel as main host. (see schedule).

Llao Llao 21K – Guide in English 2012




Llao Llao 21K Package